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WotW: North Carolina Rustic

This beautiful, rustic wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty. Full of amazing details, photographed by Ozzy Garcia. The bride, who owns Brown Linen Goods styled much of the wedding herself, including handmade items, flowers, invitations, and more!


WotW: Kate Spade inspiration

Green Wedding Shoes featured this adorable Kate Spade inspired wedding, complete with red, hearts, sparkle and a touch of prep. Photographed by Michele M Waite and styled by Carter and Cook Event Co.

Must Have Twigs and Honey

What happens when you combine gorgeous accessories with a stunning photographer? You get a campaign that is a work of art.

Twigs and Honey launched their 2012 line with photographs by Elizabeth Messina. Check out the gallery on Wedding Chicks.

All the pieces are amazing and I would love to have any one of them!

WotW: Sedona Wedding by Ryan Ray

I love seeing the weddings of wedding professionals, especially photographers. Check out this gorgeous wedding of Diane Elizabeth, photographed by the awesome Ryan Ray, featured on Style Me Pretty.

WotW: Wedding of the Week

Floral Inspiration

Images L-R: Bouquet Natural Art Flowers, Photo Jemma Keech, Photo Elizabeth Messina, (flowers unknown, leave comment for credit)

When it comes to floral inspiration, I’m as picky as they come. I’m tired of “everyday” flowers. I DON’T want ordinary roses, calla lilies, orchids, lilies, daisies, sunflowers, freesias, or hydrangeas.

I DO like garden roses, david austen roses, white peonies, ranunculus, white scabiosa, white anemones, white or blush pink cafe ole dahlias, and lavender. For accent, dusty miller leaves.

I know florists often tell their clients to choose a color palette and leave the rest to them. But I’ve just seen so many of the same tired flowers. I need something you can’t find in your local grocer. I need something not sold at I don’t need to be overly unique, I just want something refreshing from the everyday and ordinary. I don’t need something over the top, but something gorgeous and romantic.

Film Is Not Dead

Film is not dead. Most of the best wedding photographers, in my opinion, shoot film. There is a very refined quality to these photographers. Due to the expensive nature of the format, each exposure is shot deliberately, with technical precision. Here are four of my favorite film photographers.

Jose Villa

Elizabeth Messina

Ryan Ray

Lane Dittoe

Some day I will switch to film. I currently have a 35mm Nikon SLR, but I want to switch to the medium format Contax for its amazing precision and color. Some day…

Small Wedding Style

Small Wedding Style is a blog of intimate weddings with style, a compilation of stylish small weddings from top blogs.

I created the blog as a stylish alternative to budget weddings. Many brides are hampered by limited budgets; style details are compromised as the guest list increases. More money goes towards food, and less towards your dream dress.

The inspirational wedding for SWS had only the bride and groom. They went all out with gorgeous details by Lisa Vorce and captured the day with amazing photographs by Aaron Delesie. This wedding has stood out as one of my favorite weddings.

Granted even this tiny wedding may be a bit more than someĀ  small budgets can afford, but the concept is revolutionary. When you save $100-200 per guest, you save roughly $10-20 THOUSAND per 100 guests. If I’m going to spend $10,000 it certainly is not going to be on food.

There is something more romantic about smaller weddings. It requires discipline to not invite everyone; it is a gutsy move to elope or exclude friends from the wedding. But you can still celebrate with everyone after the wedding. There is no need to financially punish yourself so that your cousin’s boyfriend can eat a $200 veal course. You can either elope now, and party later or skip the fancy wedding details on the big day and enjoy a day after session.

Even if I had a million dollars to plan my dream wedding, I still don’t think I would have a large wedding. I want to soak up every moment of my wedding day with my groom, and loved ones that will be with us for as long we both shall live.

Photographer Meets Detail

I can talk all day about my favorite wedding photographer Jose Villa. Couple him with leading wedding stylist Jill La Fleur and you have an unstoppable force in the wedding industry. I think every bride should take a look at Jose and Jill’s work before they begin their planning.

Read about the styled images above on Style Me Pretty.

There’s more to wedding photography than meets the eye.
People generally assume that a photograph is beautiful because of the photographer. While there is some truth to it, a photographer can only do so much with a bland subject. I learned this the hard way.

I started wedding photography by shooting budget, backyard weddings to build my portfolio. I shot for free, I shot for cheap, but ultimately produced few portfolio-worthy images. It’s not that image quality was bad – my clients were thrilled – but the images lacked detail that often appears in bridal blogs and magazines.

I eventually sought to work with two very fine wedding stylists, Couture Events and Amorology Weddings. They have appeared in almost every major bridal magazine and blog. It was a long shot, actually. I didn’t know if my budget wedding portfolio was enough to garner their attention, but it seemed they liked my portrait and fashion portfolio and, luckily, gave me a chance. I photographed inspiration shoots, where stylists put together imaginary weddings so they are free to choose all the style details – the gown, flowers, furniture, paper goods, etc.

Photographs from the Couture and Amorology both got accepted into wedding blogs, and one eventually made it into a local wedding magazine. (Few, if any, photographs from my early days are in my current wedding portfolio, and none were accepted by wedding blogs.)

Even if a coordinator/stylist is not financially feasible, brides looking for great wedding photography should consider details that are photographed often during the wedding. Even within the four photographs above, it still looks like a big fancy wedding.