Small Wedding Style

by Stacy

Small Wedding Style is a blog of intimate weddings with style, a compilation of stylish small weddings from top blogs.

I created the blog as a stylish alternative to budget weddings. Many brides are hampered by limited budgets; style details are compromised as the guest list increases. More money goes towards food, and less towards your dream dress.

The inspirational wedding for SWS had only the bride and groom. They went all out with gorgeous details by Lisa Vorce and captured the day with amazing photographs by Aaron Delesie. This wedding has stood out as one of my favorite weddings.

Granted even this tiny wedding may be a bit more than some  small budgets can afford, but the concept is revolutionary. When you save $100-200 per guest, you save roughly $10-20 THOUSAND per 100 guests. If I’m going to spend $10,000 it certainly is not going to be on food.

There is something more romantic about smaller weddings. It requires discipline to not invite everyone; it is a gutsy move to elope or exclude friends from the wedding. But you can still celebrate with everyone after the wedding. There is no need to financially punish yourself so that your cousin’s boyfriend can eat a $200 veal course. You can either elope now, and party later or skip the fancy wedding details on the big day and enjoy a day after session.

Even if I had a million dollars to plan my dream wedding, I still don’t think I would have a large wedding. I want to soak up every moment of my wedding day with my groom, and loved ones that will be with us for as long we both shall live.